BoE Agenda: Moving Hoboken elections to November is up Tuesday night

Tuesday’s BoE agenda will include a resolution to move to November elections.

Hoboken Patch says the outcome is “not certain.” MSV is confident five votes are there to see it done.
The story also says a petition drive is underway, but with an affirmative vote Tuesday, any petition drive is moot.

Over 250 New Jersey school districts have already moved to November elections.  Tuesday night Hoboken will vote to join them.  But expect the Old Guard to make a show and bring out their non-taxpaying armies to make some noise and cry and curse at Kids First.

It’s all over but the shouting.

Talking Ed Note:  As expected, the self-proclaimed reformer Maureen Sullivan has gone in with the Old Guard and refuses to save Hoboken almost $100,000 by moving to November elections.  Even with a budget that can’t be reduced any more by State law, Sullivan says she thinks the budget needs a direct vote on election day (that always passes anyway) and the people should vote on moving the election.

That just happens to be the same position as Frank Raia who backed “Independents for Education.”

With a chance to allow a far greater number of voters to cast ballots directly on BoE elections and save almost $100,000 Maureen Sullivan has officially revealed her hand – she’s with the Old Guard now.

Snap Poll: 84% support November BoE elections in Hoboken

Yesterday Hoboken Patch put up a poll and although unscientific, the response is overwhelmingly in favor of November elections on the BoE.

So far over 250 New Jersey districts agree and Hoboken may follow when they have their scheduled meeting on Valentine’s Day.

The Old Guard is displeased with these developments and desperately trying to find a way to stave off the Statewide trend.  Short of showing up with about 14,000 petition signatures, they’ll not likely sway the majority acting on behalf on the will of the people.

The handful of paid and sympathetic political operatives look desperate to come up with a way to argue for support but at 84% in favor for a November BoE election, they can only hope to collect their pay and a pat on the head for their efforts.

The Hoboken Patch snapshot poll won’t be to the liking of Old Guard sympathizers.

Talking Ed Note: While the poll yesterday is not scientific, it’s does capture sentiment and if you haven’t already voted, you may do so at the link:

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