BoE Trustee Ruth McAlister – ‘Too many’ positives with a November BoE election saving taxpayers $100,000


In a conversation with MSV, BoE trustee Ruth McAlister provided the following statement in favor of moving elections :

Every vote I make must be in the best interest of the children, and by saving almost 100,000 dollars a year and increasing voter participation in the school board election, I believe it is the ethically responsible thing to do for our children and the community.  
Based on the 2010 census ( 48% of the Hoboken population is between the ages of 20 and 34 years of age.  This group of individuals do not “mail” in bill payments or Christmas cards, why would we think that they would be motivated to VOTE BY MAIL?  We, as elected officials, need to do everything in our power to encourage participation in our democracy and the best way to exercise your right to participate is to vote.  It is uncomfortable to extend every school board trustees term by 8 months, but we would be extending all our terms not just those, including myself, that are up for re-election in April.  
Putting 100,000 dollars back in the budget for the children, and hopefully encouraging new voters to participate in the election far out weighs the extension of the terms.  As to the budget, there is now a legislative cap of 2%, that did not exist previously.  If we or a future board, wishes to increase the budget beyond the 2% cap it MUST be voted on in November, so the people still retain the right to voice their opinion when necessary.  I hope that all 9 members see this as the right move, and follow the lead of our State House, Senate, Governor and the other 257 districts that have already made this change.  In the end, the positives of a November election far exceed any reasoning to keeping the election in April.  We can do a lot of good with 100,000 that directly impacts our children.  
I see absolutely nothing that negatively impacts the children if we cast votes for school board in November. 

BoE Trustee Ruth McAllister – on board for November BoE Elections

Talking Ed Note: McAllister noted another example of the value of moving the elections saying the laptop program at the BoE for middle school costs $100,000.

Hoboken Patch somehow missed the story there are five Kids First votes available to move BoE elections to November.  While Claire Moses noted the KF members on the Governance Committee, she did not ask them their expectation of an affirmative vote on Tuesday and did not confirm the obvious fifth vote in Ruth McAllister.

McAllister confirmed she did not receive any request for comment on her position from Hoboken Patch.

Related: GA has a source who tells her the petition drive headed by developer Frank Raia is underway and he’s going to the mattresses sending out the soldiers to collect signatures behind closed doors farming in the old stomping ground of the Hoboken Housing Authority, Church Towers, Marine View and Applied Housing.

In short, they are collecting signatures in subsidized housing in the hope it will convince the BoE five vote majority not to let people vote for an actual BoE election in November:

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