Sign of the Times: When justice is not for sale

Today at about 1:00 pm at Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City, a hearing is scheduled on the matter of one Hoboken council seat, elected by the people on behalf of reform in 2009 and appointment late 2012 due to Carol Marsh’s unfortunate family circumstances resulting from an accident severely impacting her family.

Judge Peter Bariso will rule how abstentions are weighed in appointments by the Hoboken City Council.

The replacement appointment, typically a normal clear process within NJ law became a political football where MORTe staged absences to pursue what former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman said off camera at the last council appointment in late 2009 to back fill Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s fourth ward council seat.   “It could be litigated,” he said off mic as the council went into break after a grueling hours long appointment process.
No one did.  That was then and this is Beth Mason now.
Arriving late at the last City Council meeting, Beth Mason extends greetings to Da Horsey.  It’s unclear if her intention
was to pet or scratch Da Horsey’s eyes out.  The litigious loving councilwoman gets a verdict in one of her vested interested
lawsuits this afternoon in Hudson County Superior Court on the “Doyle Seat” saga.

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