Hoboken411 contempt of Hoboken – publishes discredited, phony Timmy letter

Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen prints discredited pothole letter by Whitehorse Strategies

The story was about to die.  The phony Timmy Occhipinti letter originally appearing in the Jersey Journal and likely yanked the last minute before going to print in last weekend’s Hudson Reporter by its editors has hit the bottom of the cesspool showing up yesterday on Beth Mason’s favorite website for controlled messaging: Hoboken411.

Someone had to pay the bill for Whitehorse Strategies to create the artful letter and its flourishes with a reference to old time New York City Mayor Fiorello Laguardia.  You can rest assured it wasn’t Tim Occhipinti and his 75K help desk salary doing application support sounding that historical note.

The bill for such a political operation would typically fit the cost of business for the Mason family with Beth Mason eager to pick up the tab in an effort to knock down the high positives of Mayor Zimmer leading into the November mayoral election.

While Beth Mason’s disastrous reputation precludes any sensible attempt at the mayor’s chair, she’s motivated to damage anyone who stopped her in that objective from the mayor’s office down to a vocal citizenry decrying her vengeful war on Hoboken.

The phony Timmy Occhipinti letter found its way to Hoboken411.
It was a late attempt to get more misinformation out for the cost of
paying Whitehorse Strategies that drafted the letter.

Back to Timmy’s Lettergate.  The public reaction to the letter was a shade less than fury.  After all, it was only months back last summer when Timmy Occhipinti was part of an orchestrated effort with MORTe to block a proposal to move a plan ahead for improving traffic lights and repaving Washington Street with additional project improvements to the waterfront’s Sinatra Drive and Observer Highway.

The political cynicism and contempt for Hoboken’s residents is obvious with the continued push to pump out fabrications on an issue recent enough to easily identify the truth.

The question is does it reach low information voters and make any difference?  In the end, that may be up to those in the know sharing the truth about Washington Street’s current status and how a comprehensive overhaul was cynically blocked for nothing more than MORTe’s petty politics.

The late appearance on this political operation after it had been uncovered here and on Grafix Avenger is entertaining even for the mercurial mercenary antics of Hoboken411 and the Masonista political operatives there.

Talking Ed Note: MSV contacted Joshua Henne of Whitehorse Strategies inquiring on his role in the Timmy Occhipinti letter but no answer was forthcoming.  Henne is currently the spokesman for the Jersey City Mayor Healy re-election campaign.

Henne has also appeared on MSV in an earlier guest of the stable piece last June.  Da Horsey likes Josh although we differ on many issues.  We’ll add Timmy Lettergate to the list.

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