Mayor Zimmer announces legal victory in Jim Doyle’s council appointment

From Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s twitter feed:

Talking Ed Note: The announcement by Mayor Dawn Zimmer via twitter confirms Judge Peter Bariso has approved the vote of the full City Council appointing Jim Doyle to the legislative body.  The appointment contested by Beth Mason and her MORTe allies Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti in a series of staged absences last October as a pretext to prevent a full vote of the council and use abstentions to avoid a tie breaking vote by Mayor Zimmer has failed.

MORTe led by an army of highly paid lawyers by the Mason family can again make an emergency appeal to the Appellate Court in an attempt to stay Judge Bariso’s decision.  Their earlier appeal casting themselves as victims similar to Florida voters in the Bush-Gore 2000 case was tossed out of court with a single word from the appellate judges: denied!

More on this breaking story Monday.

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