Sign of the Times: A view to the other kickoff side

Thursday night a competing kickoff at Lola’s took place for Peter Biancamano who is making his second bid for Hoboken City Council. He previously ran on a ticket with Frank “Pupie” Raia and Britney Montgomery in 2013 with Councilman Tim Occhipinti atop a ticket for mayor.

Thursday night at Lola’s saw some usual opposition to reform in what Grafix Avenger has affectionately named the Darksiders.

Peter Biancamano, (r ), is running as a candidate again for Hoboken’s City Council, this time in the second ward and is seen here with some friends and sixth ward City Council candidate Carmelo Garcia who is running against Councilwoman Jen Giattino.
Britney Montgomery, a former slate mate of Biancamano’s from 2013 for Hoboken City Council joins in the fun at Lola’s Thursday night. She’s a candidate this time for the Hoboken BoE.
Peter Biancamano seen here with perennial local candidate Patricia Waiters.
Waiters known for her bomb throwing racial tirades in City Council and Hoboken Housing Authority meetings is a candidate once again for the Hoboken BoE. She also is a former paid aide on the NJ Assembly payroll of Carmelo Garcia. Happy trails! 

More to come.

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