Reform’s Kickoff Explosion

Yesterday saw not one but two separate Reform camapign kickoffs for November’s critical City Council races: Tiffanie Fisher in the uptown second ward and Councilwoman Jen Giattino in the midtown sixth ward.

There was plenty of political star power to go around.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer attended both Tiffanie Fisher’s and Jen Giattino’s kickoffs demonstrating her investment in candidates who can deliver a strong vision and future for Hoboken.

Hoboken Council President Ravi Bhalla lent his support for Fisher (below) and Councilman at-large Jim Doyle featured prominently at both kickoffs with BoE trustee Tom Kleupfel joining the rounds with his November Board of Ed running mates Addys Velez and Sheillah Dallara.

One local business got behind its council candidate in Tiffanie Fisher in a big way. By Hoboken standards, this is quite an endorsement and the Reform turnount amplified the optimism.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived uptown showing support for Tiffanie Fisher’s second ward run for City Council as Fisher here shares some thoughts with NJ Assemblywoman candidate Annette Chaparro. 

Councilwoman Jen Giattino spoke to a packed room of supporters downtown with Mayor Zimmer appearing too. Councilwoman Giattino spoke of her expectation for a challenging campaign as she’s up against Carmelo Garcia who’s well known for dubious ethical and ethnic cleansing legal allegations. Her opponent in Garcia is dually suing Hoboken taxpayers/voters while seeking more of their money into his pockets to “represent” them. (Stop laughing, this is a real election.)

Hoboken Council President Ravi Bhalla expressed his support for Tiffanie Fisher’s City Council run and appears with BoE trustee Tom Kelupfel and Tiffanie Fisher who is surrounded by Kleupfel’s running mates on the BoE, Addys Velez (l) and Sheillah Dallara.

Reform’s turnout was strong and now the real work begins working to get the word out to the grassroots and inform and engage Hoboken voters of the stakes.

On the same evening, Fisher’s opponent Peter Biancamano held a kickoff for his campaign at Lola’s and he’s already received a ticket endorsement from Ma Russo.

Opposition of “The Carmelo Ticket?” Peter Biancamano (l) held his kickoff at Lola’s last night. Here he’s pictured previously with the Ma Russo endorsed group of Eduardo Gonazalez, Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Carmelo Garcia.

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