Sign of the Times: Tim Occhipinti sale ends

Another Hoboken election ends, and so with it, the voter sales.  Here’s Liberty Realty with an outdoor offering: Tim Occhipinti.

Price is not clear but word is he sold cheap.

As  MSV predicted, the output of Tim’s Paper Mache Brigade Votes came nowhere near last fall’s massive tree killing spree.

This round Tim Occhipinti “only” came up with 276 absentee ballots.  Oh sorry Tim – vote by mail.  He’s a real stickler for getting ‘campaign worker,’ terminology correct.

The rest of Hoboken generated 336 vote-by-mail with only a paranoid and scared Mike Russo hitting triple digits at a mere 105 in the 3rd ward.

Talking Ed Note:  Hoboken Patch posted pictures from the election showing a jubilant Mike Russo with his election win and then one where he’s crying.  There’s no crying in politics Mike.  You only cry when the jury is deadlocked and you escape conviction.

Shows you what a determined first time candidate in Greg Lincoln was able to do.
Shook Mike Russo up so much, he made him cry.  

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