Provisionals tallies inconsequential, may avoid 2nd ward runoff

Folks are looking to understand where the up in the air 2nd ward election sits and there’s some significant movement on that front.

Of the 10 provisional ballots, only four are likely to make it into the final count with two believed in favor of Beth Mason making it an absolute wash.

There are 29 Mason vote-by-mail ballots but after a quick review, MSV notes most appear to be typical voters although even in a relatively short list (compared to Tim Occhipinti) there’s sure to be some surprises.

An election challenge to close the gap, if any will need to come before certification of the election to have any likelihood of success.

Talking Ed Note:  The line may already be forming with political consultants reportedly elbowing each other to gain entry on Hudson Street to pitch their winning proposals for Hoboken’s next mayoral election all titled, “How I will make you Hoboken mayor.”

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