Scott Delea pleased with better than 2-1 trouncing

Here’s an uplifting message from Scott Delea after the election showing his belief in his political viability after his third try at winning a council seat.  He certainly didn’t get love from the Russo insider, Deep Uvula who called him a gasbag.  There was word out Delea had Russo support in addition to being a Mason backed candidate.  Scott never did answer any questions related to support, political or financial and believed he could avoid it and find himself in a runoff anyway.

The runoff never materialized as Peter Cunningham left Scott Delea eating his dust by more than a two to one margin.

Delea also hasn’t answered to the theft of MSV’s photo used in his campaign literature, only sending an email playing dumb on the matter.  Yesterday another phone call and voice mail attempted to resolve the matter amicably but Scott Delea flat out won’t Man Up with a Purpose.  

Is anyone surprised?

We had an amazing day on Tuesday and I am so proud of our team. We ran an incredibly strong campaign based upon strong principals and a plan to improve our City. 

Despite being vastly overspent and going up against an incumbent councilman backed by the Mayor, we came in a respectable second place out of four candidates and fell short of getting into the runoff by 16 votes. 
I stand by my belief that the future of Hoboken lies in our ability to find common ground rather than perpetuate the “us” vs. “them” mentality so prevalent in our City. We ran a clean, honest campaign staffed by a team of hard-working and passionate volunteers who were a cross-section of Hoboken…young, old, rich, poor, born and raised, newcomer and everything in-between. And, thanks to all of you, we were funded by friends, family and other small businesses that recognize the importance of building a stronger community while growing the local economy to create jobs and reduce taxes. 
I will continue to stay as committed as ever to making a difference in Hoboken by continuing my work with Party With Purpose, The Boys and Girls Club and creating jobs with my company Inflexion Interactive. 
If you have any interest in being involved, please send me an email.
Special thanks to key members of the team including Jason, Eduardo, Jeff, Vincent, Jen, Diane, Lucille, Stacey, Don, Brian, Matt, Ryan M, Ryan, Natalie, Rob, Mario, Tom, Joe C, Joe M, Ethan, Cory, Manny, Jamar and of course my family.  You are all incredible people and Hoboken is a better place because of you.  
Best wishes to Perry Belfiore, Lenny Luizzi and congratulations to Peter Cunningham.

 Talking Ed Note:  The matter of Scott Delea’s photo use without agreed compensation goes to the lawyer who is now reviewing the matter.  One expects this behavior from Hoboken411 but now they find themselves linked by the exact same transgression.  Both of them used the same MSV photo of Peter Cunningham.

Hey Perry do you want to show more ethics than Scott Delea?  Here’s your chance.  Man up!

(Of note Scott says he was 16 votes from being in a runoff.  A reader notes at less than a  quarter of the vote, Scott Delea actually needed 31 votes.)

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