Sign of the Times: Stalking outside a Hoboken school?

A Hoboken parent sent in the following photo of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s hired hand Matt Calicchio lurking outside a local school as parents arrived to pick up their children.

Does Matt Calicchio have a child attending a Hoboken school?  Negative.
Who is he waiting for outside a school letting out?
Any other questions?

Well ask Councilwoman Beth Mason why her paid operative she pays $400 a week made a habit of doing so.

More to come.

Talking Ed Note: The photo was taken some months back and legal trouble has found several parties since including one councilwoman, one of her paid political operatives and another elected official with a young daughter.

There’s trouble brewing, legal trouble and the alleged crime involves a Hoboken mom and her young daughter.

Story to come.

Mason political operative
Matt Callichio at HHA last week

Related: Hoboken Housing commissioner Jake Stuiver adds a sidebar to today’s story in MSV’s comments recounting an odd encounter with his councilman Tim Occhipinti who was not pleased with his letter appearing here and in the weekend paper.

Stuiver has taken up the matter with the HHA Executive Director and he states Matt Callichio was filming him for unknown reasons when Occhipinti insisted on a discussion about the letter as he was leaving the HHA meeting for other responsibilities.

Was the staged interception by Occhipinti a setup for airing on the morally bankrupt Hoboken411?

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