Councilman Dave Mello salutes City’s run of parks, Mayor’s birthday

From the desk of Councilman Dave Mello:

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Just wanted to send a quick note to inform everyone that a second pocket park ribbon-cutting happened in the Southwest today.  This afternoon it was the park next to the Boys and Girls Club/HOLA Charter School on Jefferson Street between 1st and 2nd.

I was honored to be there for the ribbon cutting along with Councilman Bhalla, Mayor Zimmer (who was also the birthday girl!), Director Pellegrini, and many students from HOLA Charter and beyond.

The park was a big hit, especially with my eldest daughter Sienna. This re-opening closely followed the one that occurred last week at the Jackson Street pocket park.  Both these newly refurbished parks have been excitedly received by our neighborhood kids.
So, if you live in Hoboken’s Southwest, or don’t, but are game for venturing a little further from home, please check out either of these wonderfully refurbished parks!  Next up, a Second Ward park ribbon cutting and, with your support, a Southwest land purchase.

Have a great evening,



David Mello
City Councilman At-Large

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