Beth Mason handing out flyers filled to the gills with false information

Beth Mason’s false information Hoboken 2012 Budget

Talking Ed Note: A reader submitted the above flyer Beth Mason was handing out to people at the north ferry terminal this morning.  Ryan Yacco a political consultant from her spring council campaign last May was seen too.

How many false information claims can you count in this latest Beth Mason release?

Mason has said in response to MSV the public is not permitted to state what she describes as false information in the City Council.  While MSV would call her claim laughable, she has no problems spreading false information both inside and outside the City Council chambers.

Most of the fabrications here are retreads from past Mason pronouncements.  If Mason wishes to make tax cuts, why doesn’t she provide some of the “right-sizing” cuts she ran on in the fall of 2009?  

Beth Mason hasn’t made one (1) right-sizing reduction proposal since.  Not one, discounting her repeated and inane attempts to cut the mayor’s and directors salaries a second time, where is the money for tax cuts coming from?

So where’s the beef Beth?

Mason has cost Hoboken millions.  Millions in her refusal to abide by her fiduciary oath in rejecting a simple refinancing of the parking utility’s midtown garage last November and at least seven figures in her sabotage delaying the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center.  Her efforts to see that sale fail would have probably forced Hoboken into bankruptcy.

The false information if she had succeeded in that endeavor would dwarf her flyer today.

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