Sign of the Times: Mayor Zimmer gets autographed copy of “The Jersey Sting”

The Jersey Sting Authors Ted Sherman (l) and Josh Margolin sign two copies for Mayor Dawn Zimmer in front of the Malibu Diner Wednesday afternoon.

About 50 Hoboken residents turned up in the middle of a weekday to catch a bit of Hoboken’s corruption past and present as captured in the hot new book “The Jersey Sting.”

Co-author Josh Margolin addressed remarks contesting the accuracy of the book by Councilman Mike Russo who said anyone who claimed his meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek involved a bribe was “lying.”  Margolin stated the authors had reviewed the tapes again and “what we recounted in the book is accurate.”

As to when the surveillance tapes might be available with additional detail surrounding Mike Russo and Solomon Dwek breaking bread while discussing multiple payments with an intial $5,000 agreed upon, Margolin added a decision may come soon on releasing the tape(s).

Although there were rumors Mike Russo might send people to harass and heckle the authors, no one from his camp appeared. 

Mike Russo claimed he explained he would not accept a cash payment from Solomon Dwek.  But his retelling of the events with the Fed’s star witness Solomon Dwek was kept a secret for almost two years.  On Sunday, MSV was first in revealing the meeting and the government’s tape as recounted in the recently released book.

According to another claim made by Mike Russo, the story had been reported previously.  However no one can confirm where any story of Russo and Dwek meeting appeared.  A local reporter told MSV,  there’s nothing to be found in the Jersey Journal (or anyone else). 

More to come…

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