Who gave the police report on last week’s City Hall incident to Hoboken411?

Hoboken411 the website in service to Councilwoman Beth Mason obtained the police report on the incident last week involving a city bus and Director Ian Sacs posting the document earlier today. 

While Hoboken police reports are not publicly available based on policy set by Hoboken Police Chief Falco, the document somehow found its way onto the website where it was intermingled with unsubstantiated hearsay and every manner of lies strewn in-between.

But the big question is, who gave it to them?

  The police are investigating who accessed its report system and gave the above report to  Beth Mason’s propaganda site where censorship is enforced with an iron fist.

Hoboken Police Detective Anthony Falco stated the police report is not made available to the public especially when “certain information shouldn’t be released before court,” he said referencing the fact the case has not been deliberated before a judge.

MSV requested a copy and Detective Falco restated the existing policy on not releasing police reports set by Hoboken Police Chief Falco .  “I’m not sure how it got out,” he said without mentioning where it was released.  “We’re checking the system to see how it got out,” he said later confirming he was referring to the police report appearing on Hoboken411.

The police report mentions Sgt. Gigante observing a city bus driver “interlocking” with Director Sacs who calls out for help.  Interlocking?

MSV later saw the same Hoboken411 document posted on’s Hoboken Forum by a poster named Antinucci.  Minutes later it was deleted.  Another poster stated Antinucci is one handle of many by a well known Weehawken based political operative who’s been employed by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  Among his duties has been registering a website for the Councilwoman. 

MSV contacted the Weehawken political operative several times asking why the the Hoboken411 police report pdf document was removed.  He hung up and after another call shouted, “Get a life!” before once again hanging up.   He later sent a text he did not wish to receive phone calls.

So who in the Hoboken Police Department is releasing its police report to Beth Mason political operatives?

Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Beth Mason is a well known political ally of Councilman Mike Russo.  She’s made no public comment nor returned calls after excerpts from The Jersey Sting revealed Mike Russo had met and kept secret a meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek.  The book states federal surveillance tapes revealed Mike Russo agreeing to accept cash payments in installments of $5,000 each.  The book notes Mike Russo did not return to receive payment.

Calls to Councilman Mike Russo have not been returned. 

Update 3-31: It’s unclear where the police report is being disseminated from but for the purpose of clarity, it’s important to note the police department is not the sole locale for it being publicized.  

On Wednesday, sources indicated Hoboken411 is not the only place where the report has been leaked.  What the computer forensics reveal at the Hoboken Police Department is not certain, nor does MSV wish to convey it is.

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