The Jersey Sting in pictures (sans surveillance tape)

Wednesday’s event captured a spirit of celebration reminiscent of a time when justice swept through Hoboken with a strong hand:

Co-authors of The Jersey Sting: Ted Sherman (r) and Josh Margolin seated at the Malibu in the same location where former mayor Peter Cammarano met with FBI informant Solomon Dwek

1st ward candidate Eric Kurta took time from campaigning to meet the authors.  Author Josh Margolin seemed intrigued by his jacket wondering, are you really taking on one of the Russo’s?  Eric Kurta actually is taking on that challenge, facing down Russo cousin Terry Castellano. 
Gone but not forgotten: Peter Cammarano in his famous beltless perp walk photo made it into The Sting.

Challenger to Mike Russo in the 3rd ward, Greg Lincoln had a nice chat with the authors.  Until Sunday, no one had known about the Fed’s surveillance tapes capturing Mike Russo with Solomon Dwek.

Co-author Josh Margolin shares an intimate conversation with Hoboken’s Grafix Avenger.  Another discovery: Josh Margolin is a reader of the GA website and they exchanged some dish as Ted Sherman looked on.

MSV bonus: the inscription to Mayor Zimmer reads: Madam Mayor – I can’t imagine what it was like to take over your office.  Ted Sherman adds his signature for the mayor’s keepsake.

The next sting?  Photo from the Tim Occhipinti Midnight Lair video.  Peter Cammarano is gone but his supporters moved their game to Tim “I’m Independent” Occhipinti. 
The Tim Occhipinti campaign election “problems” were kicked up for review to the NJ State Attorney General’s office, where last heard it remains outstanding.  Justice can often move slow.  Operation Big Rig III was a years in the making operation.  The Machine moves much faster.  It’s already gearing up paper ballot plans with it’s captains in the Board of Education race scheduled for April 27th.   Will the Fed’s be watching?

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