Sign of the Times: Hoboken Government – past, present and future

Here’s more photos from Amanda’s Wednesday night.  MSV will be adding in to this story periodically so check back for more photos, story and gristy chewables as it was flying.

The Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta was lured out with big game Government corruption the dinner theme
Councilwoman Jen Giattino was seated at a table with former Business Administrator Richard England
Da Horsey begged for a picture and they graciously complied.

The book was a star of the evening and moved at a rapid clip.  The author Peter Schweizer noted interest has crossed all political lines as Americans don’t like seeing corruption dragging down the country.  It was a striking Hoboken theme so many here are readily keen to but the numbers and people involved is staggering.
Former Speakers Nancy Pelosi, Dennis Hastert,  John Kerry among the few pols of many with crony capitalists George Soros and Warren Buffet also featured in the discussion over dinner.

Peter Schweizer author of “Throw them all out,” was a big hit with the audience.  Available on Amazon:

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