Hoboken Democratic Committee Elections – Cancelled!

The local Democratic Committee elections have been cancelled for this year.

Last night a meeting took place at Willie McBride’s among the factions of Reform and the Old Guard with 50 members showing up who voted by unanimous consent not to continue the battle royale in Hoboken hitting every political (and some say non-political) segment of the City – at least for the committee this year.

All current committee seat holders will be carried over for a full year.

Jamie Cryan, the nominal head of the committee was in the end politically astute to embrace the overture to focus on the larger state and national elections.  He wasn’t originally receptive to the idea although the committee’s focus in a national election year is eyeing the Senate and Presidential races to benefit Senator Menendez and President Obama.

No Democratic Committee Elections this year.  So no straw party hats in May.

Talking Ed NoteBeth Mason was not in attendance.  Was there a Republican Committee meeting last night too?  One attendee was overheard saying they were most unhappy being designated on MSV for the moniker “five bucks a tow.”

Hey Da Horsey didn’t coin it as it preceded our time. Da Horsey is for keeping Hoboken traditions alive.

Guess there won’t be any complaints said 12 times over in a hundred ways on one local website on how undemocratic this is but hey, be grateful for small favors.  Those folks have discovered the delete button works similar to on and have been laying waste to the comments of others and some of their own when arguments have grown too intellectually overwhelming.

MSV will be back later on the third fire fundraiser as in many months for the residents displaced at 917 Clinton Street hosted by Joe Branco at Room 84 with Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham.

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