City has green light to move on Jackson St. fire site

City of Hoboken announces:

On Friday, March 30th, the City of Hoboken will begin the process of remediation and partial demolition of the property that suffered significant fire damage at 1st Street and Jackson Street.
Previously, the City hired engineers to examine the structure and assess the extent of the damage. Engineers determined that while the second floor suffered major damage and needed to be demolished, the first floor is structurally sound and does not require demolition. The City ordered the property owner to conduct the required demolition work, however the property owner failed to complete the work during the allotted time. The City was prepared to step in, conduct the demolition, and place a lien against the property for the cost of all work. “No Parking” signs were placed in the area to provide for a safe pedestrian path around the property and to allow space for staging demolition equipment. However the property owner has been challenging the City in court and has delayed the ability of the City to conduct this work. Finally, on Thursday, March 29th, the court re-affirmed the City’s ability to conduct the demolition in the absence of the property owner completing the work, and the City will be proceeding with the planned demolition work.
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A photo from last year’s Jackson St. fire from a reader 

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