Sign of the Times: The ugly street attack video hits City Council

Outside the City Council at City Hall and right across the street by Carlo’s Bakery stood the big blue truck, again blaring out its video message of hate, lies and scurrilous victim hood, courtesy of a certain councilwoman’s checkbook and her Hudson County dirty tricks political operatives.

MSV has viewed, obtained the video and can confirm it’s an absolute continuation of the attacks appearing in the midnight flyer last week and follows a line of attack familiar to most readers and observers of Hoboken politics.  In other words, it has all the tell tales signs of a Beth Mason operation.

The video doesn’t only attack Grafix Avenger but takes ugly turns poking at others in Reform:

  • 5th ward Councilman Peter Cunningham  (false accusations)
  • 6th ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino (flat out distortions and lies)
  • Mayor Dawn Zimmer (a typical potshot)
  • Each member of the current Kids First BoE commissioners (false claims about their graphic artist)
  • and of course the star of the show is Grafix Avenger.  (you knew that was coming.)

The video wants you to know it seeks civility (stop laughing) and that the victims are:
Beth Mason and her political operatives.

Let’s also give one commenter their due.  There are no facts, this latest in a preplanned operation originated with Move Forward.  It’s far bigger than that.  Based on the timeline and investment here, (illegal too – more on that later) the candidates of Move Forward didn’t get to work on any of these materials.  They are just along for the ride.  Yikes!

Okay, Mason and her political operatives may want the public to know it’s time for Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino, the mayor and all BoE trustees of Kids First; you must denounce, denounce, denounce.

If you remain “silent” to the Masonic agenda, well expect more fabrications and if you hold out maybe they’ll put an ad in the Hudson Reporter or the ugly video may show up on Hoboken411.  This won’t be a pile of SuperBowl lies either.  These will be far more… entertaining?

Cuz ya know, none of this is transparent.  Not in Hoboken nor anywhere in Hudson County.

Hey look, it’s the blue truck with not one but two Perry Klaussen’s and his Nazi swastika fishing techniques at a urinal.
Beth Mason left the council meeting early.  Maybe she wanted to catch the last viewing.

More on the meeting with evident legal action against the council backfill appointment and some truly illegal money funding the Move Forward BoE slate courtesy of… you guessed it Beth Mason’s family otherwise now known under the (illegal?) moniker “Friends of Beth Mason.”

As if.

Talking Ed Note:  This photo taken from the steps of City Hall occurred while Tim Occhipinti was entering the building.  Da Horsey pointed out the “work” of his friends saying “good job Tim” and he looked frightened as if he saw a ghost.  He wouldn’t even turn and look.  Is it possible Tim Occhipinti actually feels embarrassed?  Or is he just unhappy to see Da Horsey back exposing the truth?

 That’s no ghost Tim, that’s the work of your patron.  This is scorched earth politics to get their hands on the $63 million BoE budget.  Beth Mason and her corruptocrat Old Guard are all in for Move Forward.

Hey, a lot of time and money went into this!  It’s clear in looking at this from a thousand feet, the SLAPP suit, this political operation, the new political lines trotted out online – it’s all tied together.

Let’s give evil and the dark forces of the underworld their due.  Working hard, making copies.

Early in the AM, we’re hijacking one comment, well the first part by Infotainme.

It’s pretty clear what happened. A negative campaign was planned and put into motion to make GA the Willie Horton of Kids First. All capital investment, media planning, etc, was locked in some time ago. 

1000s of fliers & scores of midnight distributors. Nazi truck. New online pop-up bloggers. Nazi truck stories magically not appearing on Patch or the HR, as they lack the relevance to the average citizen of , say, Ravi Bhalla’s traffic ticket. The usual goon squad operations at work. 

The whole op was founded on the unvalidated assumption that GA was the graphic artist for Kids First. They planned to spend the weeks before the election trying to drive a wedge between KF and its graphic artist. 

But the core assumption turned out not to be true. Like any reform-minded person (even faux reformer Bwaaaa…), GA supports KF. But doesn’t work for the campaign in any capacity. Now what would Team Move Forward do? 

Well, unfortunately, they had already paid for and scheduled the 1000s of fliers & scores of midnight distributors and the Nazi truck and the new online pop-up bloggers. So they decided to go ahead an use it anyway, even though now it amounts to the vilification of an individual voter with no formal ties to KF. 

Meanwhile GA continues to lay out the case against Team Move Forward on her blog. With facts – like Mason’s ELECs and the deplorable details of the BOE audit which gives the best representation of what Team Move Forward is like when they control the purse. ZimmerLover for one loves facts, so he should be delighted by her factual analysis. I have not heard him or anyone else dispute a single word. Dyfs and turds I hear about ad infinitum. I’m thinking of starting a band and calling it The Dyfus Turds and seeing how many people from Team Move Forward come to my shows… 

Fast forward to today, Team Move Forward has inadvertently broadcast to as many casual voters as possible that they should go check out 

Actually, this is very true based on an offline conversation with one long time area reporter who observed in our discussion on the SLAPP, “This is all about the election.”
If only they would write about it. Well what can you do?  MSV thinks it’s the job of reporters to report but they have some odd rules on this saying others need to bring it up.
In case they haven’t noticed, MSV has been doing it for a good while now.  Da Horsey is almost immune to the contradictions.  Almost.

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