City Council at 7:00 – It’s Ordinance City

It’s second ordinance city tonight, meaning public portion will be rather late if it takes a while to get through ten, count them ten different items including required adjustments on subsidized housing, the 9-11 Memorial and an important resolution on confidentiality with NJ Transit.  (Special counsel will be available to answer questions and fill the public in on this agreement.)

Councilman Jim Doyle will be attending his first full session as a member and he’s not likely to see the ugly obtuse actions of MORTe objecting to his vote.  Their ruse to create an objectionable legal vote count with Councilwoman Beth Mason in hiding has met reality.

As MSV stated, the idea of taking his backfilling the open at-large slate to court and overturning a legal vote was slim.  The Old Guard council finally figured out the vote on the appointment was legal.

The complete meeting agenda:

Update: The meeting is underway and MSV was premature on the Old Guard’s motivations.  It’s Michael Russo’s turn to skip out on the meeting and avoid the full vote of the body on the earlier legal appointment of Jim Doyle.

Beth Mason looking very dreary leading in was not pleased as Council President Peter Cunningham began the meeting without recognizing her saying the agenda was being suspended to take a vote and find out why Mason inexplicably was a no show at the last meeting.

Mason had been spotted just hours before the meeting a fortnight ago and gave no notice or explanation on her absence.  It was an obvious action intended to be used as part of a legal strategy to deadlock the council.

Similar vote outcome tonight minus Russo and Mason voicing her eagerness to take the Old Guard council’s staged action to court.  The mayor again cast a “safety”vote.  Either it’s immaterial to the matter with passage for the second time in as many meetings or it will factor in to the benefit of a Hudson County Superior Court judge.

Beth Mason does so love litigation.

Stay tuned.

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