Beth Mason takes on the law with $7,000 illegal Move Forward campaign contribution in Board of Education election

Beth Mason’s”friends” group ploughs thousands of illegal dollars into the Move Forward BoE slate

Hoboken’s pay to play anti-wheeling ordinance is the law of the mile square land but not if Beth Mason has her way allegedly flouting it as so much tissue paper.

The evidence cited in NJ ELEC reports show a $7,000 contribution to the Old Guard backed Move Forward BoE slate made from a “Friends of Beth Mason” committee.

The monies given, when confirmed are illegal since last year’s passage of the campaign reform “anti-wheeling legislation” limit campaign committees to giving $500 in Hoboken elections.

Beth Mason returned from being AWOL at the last council meeting Wednesday night.
She left early claiming illness before her illegal campaign contributions to the Move Forward
BoE slate came up.  Well that’s transparent.

Beth Mason has used an earlier campaign committee to wheel larges sums of money, most pointedly 15K or more in the 4th ward special election installing Tim Occhipinti into the fourth ward seat in late 2010.

According to an inquiry raised by Councilman Ravi Bhalla, filed NJ ELEC reports show Mason has moved funds illicitly with a new campaign committee not passing muster in even its name, “Friends of Beth Mason.”  The address Mason is using are her longstanding political operatives who hosted the previous Mason committee address.

Beth Mason along with her Old Guard council allies fought against the legislation in 2011 over months, decrying it repeatedly as being illegal and threatening to go to court to stop it.  The ordinance became effective last July when Councilwoman Jen Giattino made the determinative vote after taking office last in July 2011.

Beth Mason and the strident protests by her lackey Tim Occhipinti went nowhere and no legal challenge was ever made.

Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo responding to Council President Peter Cunningham’s inquiry on the issue said a legal memorandum will be prepared for review and address the matter.

The BoE election is scheduled for November 6th.

Here are the full, unedited comments by Ravi Bhalla during new business.  Beth Mason left the meeting claiming illness earlier. The video runs just under five minutes.

An email has been sent to Beth Mason email accounts asking for explanation.  Don’t hold your breath.  MSV wishes any others attempting to do so good luck.  Mason will be back hiding and unavailable no doubt.  Perhaps try her other old guard council allies, you could get lucky.

Talking Ed Note: Law?  Beth Mason doesn’t need to heed any stinking law.  MSV doesn’t need a legal finding to know this is a flagrant and transparent move by Beth Mason on behalf of the Old Guard to take over the Hoboken Board of Education.

Several times in recent years, Beth Mason claimed the City Council should stay out of the Board of Education and not interfere.  She even told that to MSV in an interview after a council meeting once.

Then her family’s money showed up on an ELEC report with both her and her husband Ricky Mason making a maximum contribution toward undoing Kids First.

Now Beth Mason is just flagrantly breaking the law.  If you want to know why Grafix Avenger is so targeted, she’s moved from political satire and banana bread recipes to uncovering a host of shady and distilled corrupt expenditures at the Hoboken BoE.  Her stories on everything from phones being given out like candy to phantom employees and unexplained expenditures in the tens of thousands has created some real agita among the Old Guard.

If you don’t have children in the district, you should consider how the Old Guard and Beth Mason’s family expenditures are going to the mattresses in this election.

There’s nothing beyond the pale here: SLAPP suits, midnight flyers, illegal campaign transactions.  Beth Mason and her Old Guard allies are all in.

Call Beth Mason and her allies transparent, just don’t call them corrupt.

Actual copy of the NJ ELEC filing.  Beth Mason is blatantly flouting the law and the Hoboken BoE race
is not over.  You can bet the illegal transfer of monies into the election aren’t over either.

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