Sign of the Times: The Association is closed for business

Friday afternoon, a flag flies with Ruben Ramos signs in the window at the closed Russo clan HQ.

Friday afternoon, Hobokenites were gearing up for the holiday weekend, many leaving town.  The Russo Civic Association was locked up tight and quiet as a church mouse.  That may have been no accident.  Word on the street is the FBI was dropping in on persons of interest all over town.

The FBI paid a visit to one person in Marine View.  They didn’t make the trip from Newark to pay one visit.  

If not on the lam outright, it was a good day for any potential bad guys to be on a four day holiday if just to stave off the inevitable from the long arm of the law.

Talking Ed Note: There’s more bombs about to break.  On Tuesday, MSV will have a big one.  It’s going to reverberate across town and into City Hall.

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