Former Federal Prosecutor on Mayor Zimmer: ‘Smart move reporting electronic breach to FBI’

A former federal prosecutor speaking on the current FBI investigation into electronic communications at City Hall described the action by Mayor Dawn Zimmer in moving to bring the FBI into Hoboken as the right and smart move.

Henry Klingeman now a defense attorney based in Newark in an interview with Hoboken Patch noted the Sopranos climate in New Jersey is a priority for the Feds and it’s incumbent for elected officials to take possible violations to them.

Describing the FBI search this week as common at the end of an investigation, Klingeman indicated subpoenas and interviews with potential witnesses would be the likely next step based on his experience but did not have specific knowledge in this case.

Earlier MSV received a second hand report an FBI interview in Marine View had already taken place.

Klingeman also described Mayor Zimmer’s invite to the FBI as correct noting it’s beneficial from both a legal and public relations standpoint.

FBI interviews are underway in Hoboken.  How long before they reach the doors of Hoboken411 owner Perry Klaussen and Beth Mason’s H411 ghostwriting friend?

Earlier this week, Hoboken411 often termed Mason411, the website believed by many astute residents to run political and conspiracy articles ghostwritten by a friend of Councilwoman Beth Mason, stated the Zimmer administration was under investigation.   When the press release stating the City had invited the FBI to investigate, Hoboken411 described the action as a “claim” adding the FBI was going to come without City Hall approval anyway.

No one at the FBI has commented on the ongoing investigation or its origin.  However, Hoboken411 continues to make wild unattributed accusations spinning different deflections as the FBI investigation moves forward without naming any sources at all.

Residents are commenting on the suspicious advance “defense” by Hoboken411 here, on and elsewhere wondering if the suspected chain of  law breaking from the IT department will lead to Hoboken411 and Beth Mason’s long time friend, thought to be a full time political operative in her employ.  Questions by MSV on the matter of that relationship’s compensation were not answered by Councilwoman Mason at the last regular City Council meeting.

A resolution pursuing the same electronic communications of the mayor’s staff and local reporters and media is on the agenda for next Wednesday’s City Council meeting.  The resolution sponsored by Council members Beth Mason and Mike Russo was pulled at the last meeting before the FBI investigation became publicly known.

The resolution features three local website atop the resolution: The Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View and Grafix Avenger.  MSV has stated among the hundreds of emails from City Hall only a small amount saw direct reply and is preparing to read some at the next City Council or reprint them for the public.

Penalties for breaching government and corporate electronic communications, re: emails are serious with fines and 5 year prison terms.  Civil penalties are also possible.

The Hoboken Patch article can be found here.

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