Board of Elections confirms: ‘Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen used vacant building as voter address’


In the latest confirmation of Hoboken411 rank hypocrisy, the Hudson County Board of Elections confirmed Perry Klaussen, owner of the smear site voted in the council elections earlier this month using the address of an empty building on upper Bloomfield St.

The building located at 1039 Bloomfield Street was purchased last year by new owners last summer who took the building without ever seeing the third floor unit where then tenant Perry Klaussen would be forced to vacate before they took the property.  After closing they discovered the unit to be left in a foul condition.  The building has been under construction for some time and during the May 10th election.

1039 Bloomfield is vacant with a porta-potty outside.  Earlier this month Hoboken411 owner Perry Klaussen claimed this as his address when he voted at the Elks Club on Washington St.

The Hoboken411 ubermensch Beth Mason supporter now thought residing in the 2nd ward with others failed to cast his vote for his paymaster who regularly advertises on his site. Instead he fed his hatred for the current mayor who he smears in every way possible by voting against Councilman Peter Cunningham. Days before the election his website claimed the 5th ward would vote for “anyone but Cunningham.”

Hoboken411 vented another screed leading into the citywide council races saying Zimmer supporters were staging fraudulent plans to vote across Hoboken even though they were not living where they claimed.  Mere hours later, Perry Klaussen would lead by hypocritical example, and do exactly what he accused nameless others of doing.

On Election Day, Perry Klaussen entered the Elk’s Club on Washington and signed in to vote as a 5th ward resident using a vacated building as his current address.  Minutes earlier he was reportedly verbally assaulting a local BoE official who asked a poll worker if it was acceptable to bring a dog into the polling station.

More to come…

Talking Ed Note: It’s not confirmed but many people suspect the FBI’s door knocking around town Friday will be leading to Hoboken411 sooner than later.  That includes both of Beth Mason’s hate mongering minions who really have taken to the job of lying about the mayor with a motivation some find psychotically driven.

One of the two IT personnel in City Hall under investigation is believed to have been in contact with the Hoboken411 smearmeister not long before his suspension.  Up until Hoboken411 stopped its live blog of City Council meetings, the hate screed would be shown on a computer monitor by the same IT employee who doubled as a cameraman during its meetings.

 T.E.N 2: In approximately 48 hours, MSV will publish the story sure to give a jolt to the City leading into the next City Council meeting Wednesday.  No one is getting advance notice of the story, so don’t bother to keep asking.

Related: MSV’s original story raising the question on Hoboken411’s voting in the 5th ward appeared here.  Today, the Hoboken Journal has a feature on an odd Craig’s list ad about a Hoboken website sounding a lot like Hoboken411.  Asking price: over a million or a lifetime prescription of psychotropic drugs.

MSV received a tip on this same bizzare ad but the source was different than The Hoboken Journal’s.  Perhaps someone is just testing the waters to see if we’ll bite.
Or perhaps it’s time to find a sucker and get out of dodge.

T.E.N. 3 – Sunday: MSV thought it was pretty clear from the first story the sourcing was clear cut so the reader would understand the sale of the building almost a year ago absolutely means Klaussen has no lease at 1039, is not coming back, is not welcome back to that address of that block by his former neighbors.

The building was sold almost a year ago last July and the new owners took their property unencumbered by the Hoboken411 dirtbag.  He left a lot of dirt behind when he vacated the premises and was an ongoing problem for the previous owner who had to deal with him.

For those that missed it, the Craigslist ad sounding like a Hoboken411 website has been taken down.  That lasted all of a day.

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