Scott Delea’s campaign report is finally out, but it doesn’t add up.

Here’s some parts of Scott Delea’s campaign finance (NJ ELEC) report.  It’s written out in hand and seems to have been done intentionally sloppy to make it unclear.  Of the major candidates, Scott came in last, not only in the vote tally but in meeting the deadline for filing the 20 day post election report.  It was due May 31 and Scott even came in more late than Beth Mason.

The only expenditure that fits for his 5th ward mailer is a curious claim: “online marketing” for $3400 “mailers.”  How do you do mailers in “online marketing” for $3,400?  Well good luck trying to get a straight answer from Scott Delea.

Scott Delea has payment to his own company for “printing and mailers.”  There’s no explanation why printing and mailers are done via an online marketing company let alone his.  Who handled the production costs and postage for the thousands distributed?  One name whispered is Hudson County’s Prince of Darkness who has done piles of evil labor on behalf of Beth Mason.  You know him as Paul.

Scott Delea doesn’t do straight answers.

Talking Ed Note: Scott Delea also has a payment of $130.65 to former Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons at Church Towers.  There’s your Fitzgibbons connection MSV had stated earlier, the man who brought you Peter Cammarano and Tim “I’m independent” but votes like a puppet Occhipinti.  Good luck trying to figure the scribble out of what it’s for though.

Once again, Hoboken was spared a bullet electing a proven quantity in Peter Cunningham who does the hard work and makes the tough calls and tells you where he stands on the issues.

Scott Delea made a payment to Maurice Fitzgibbons at Church Towers but good luck trying to figure out the chicken scratch of what it’s for.  Let’s just call it the kissing of the Old Guard ring.


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