Hoboken Revolt: Save the Hospital AND Protect the Taxpayer!

From Hoboken Revolt:

Hoboken Revolt fully supports the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center. You can find more detailed information on our site but here are the facts you need to know:

1. The hospital was in danger of closing in 2006/2007 so the city stepped in setting up the ONLY municipal hospital in the state of NJ. The City and therefore the taxpayers are backing the 52M bond.

2. The hospital has NOT been profitable losing 21.7M in 2008 and 16.3M in 2009. The only reason the hospital has remained open to date is due to state and federal subsidies. We already know 11M in federal funds will not return in 2011.

3. Due to lack of profitability, the hospital WILL close placing the responsibility of the 52M bond on the taxpayers of Hoboken IF IT IS NOT SOLD

4. Selling the hospital to HUMC Holdco will guarantee Hoboken a hospital for the next seven years AND will take away the burden of the bond for the taxpayers. The City of Hoboken needs a hospital but it should not be funded by the taxpayers. Everyone must work together to avoid hospital closure, maintain over 1100 jobs and remove the City of Hoboken from the guarantee of the bonds.

What you can do:

1. Attend the State Health Board Meeting on Thursday July 21st, 6p-8p, at Our Lady of Grace Parish Hall 422 Willow Ave. It is important that you go to the mic and show your support for the sale.

2. Sign a petition stating that you support the sale of the hospital.

We have an opportunity to have our voices heard. The Taxpayers and City of Hoboken should not be in the hospital business. Attend the meeting, sign the petition and keep special interests out of our City’s most important decisions!

Love Your Town, Stay Involved!

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