A note about the Street Money Mason Store

The Street Money Mason Store is temporarily unavailable due to a required upgrade. MSV will be opening the revamped store in time before the Hoboken Big Bang Event comes.

Didn’t you get your notice on it?  What Mason411 didn’t tell you?  Nothing from editor Augie and company at the Jersey Journal?  They and other folks are too busy spinning in every which direction but the right one.  Did anyone even get an answer if Mason or Councilman Mike Russo had seen any of the very emails they had requested over two months in their co-sponsored witch-hunt of a resolution?

As the store is being upgraded, Carlo’s Bakery is about to drop into the number two position in how the rest of the country sees Hoboken.  The replacement team about to step in: a very large, very nefarious group of Old Guard die hards.

All together now, “We’re number one, We’re number one.”
Yeah you are, but did you see which list you are number one on?

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