Hate411 Mason boys finally surface after election

Perry Klaussen of Hate411: always ready to
flip Hoboken the bird

Hoboken411 finally awoke from its post election coma with the Mayor Zimmer council majority in its wake.

The devastation of that reality along with uncertainty Beth Mason may be facing a 2nd ward runoff kept Perry Klaussen and his minion occupied chasing their tail in a frenzy for more than a day.

Having concocted every manner of lie on a regular basis and a torrent of filth leading into the election, the self-proclaimed kingmaker of Hoboken elections had to suffer through another humiliation with 5th ward Councilman Peter Cunningham trouncing three challengers with not so much as a runoff.

That triumph came just hours after Hate411 posting a less than credible analysis from his minion saying people were just ready to get out and vote for anyone else while MSV stated the complete opposite saying Peter Cunningham was very well respected in the 5th ward and would come out on top.

Perry Klaussen himself did his civic duty and voted in the 5th ward.  While doing so he managed to verbally assault one BoE board member who caused him to go frothing at the mouth for simply asking a poll worker if dogs were allowed into the building.

Hudson County voting records show the ubermensch Beth Mason advertiser a resident at 1039 Bloomfield but people have said he’s since moved into the 2nd ward.

If true, why would the 41 year old registered Republican be voting in the 5th ward if he could have voted for Beth Mason?  Some people are motivated by who and what they love, but others live simply for their hate.

Talking Ed Note: Perry Klaussen is said to have moved into the second ward near Elysian Park and closer to the Masonic Temple some time ago but it’s not altogether clear.  Maybe others can shed some light on it.

Got voter fraud?

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