Russo insider: “We have Beth’s money to make it all happen”

That gnarly bit of condescending flesh, Deep Uvula is back puking its little guts up on Grafix Avenger and there’s some twisted turns and takes on everything from the BoE race tomorrow to the council races on May 10th.

DU’s take on the Board of Ed election and the tsunami of paper ballots confirming the 500 plus paper ballot assault on behalf of the Frank Raia – Carmelo Garcia led slate:

The absentees weren’t supposed to hit so early. Minor screw up. The BOE was supposed to be a surprise attack. No way does Kids First recover from the lead. 

Uvula says the Frank Raia (r) slate has an insurmountable absentee ballot lead for the BoE race.
Matt Calicchio (l) also appeared here at the Council forum event.

In the 6th ward, Deep Uvula ridicules “that Jen girl,” saying it’s beneath Councilman Nino Giacchi to speak on such common place Hoboken election style tactics:

The Calicchio kid just got a little enthusiastic. Big deal. Nino is not even going to dignify this nonsense with a response. 

On the strategic use of Beth Mason’s wheeling (apparently it will be wheeled everywhere setting her new unethical records across town), this conclusion:

Funny, she (Mason) is right at home. She could care less what is done with her money, as long as she gets the win in the 2nd.

Beth Mason is in deep with the Russo clan and could care less
about how her wheeled money is used as long as it gets her a win
according to the anonymous Russo insider

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