New Beth Mason mailer promises 20% tax cut

Although Councilwoman Beth Mason and the ‘majority’ in the City Council have the complete budget on their table including an additional 5% tax cut if they ever get around to approving it; she’s sent out a mailer with some intriguing tax options.

Beth Mason in her latest 2nd ward mailer is promising a 20% tax cut.  Add in the 5% cut from late last year and that total a whopping 30%.   Wow, how does she do it?  Well she doesn’t answer that obvious question.
Being that she opposed the police reorganization saving the city $2.5 annually plus more than a half million in benefits this year, it’s baffling where she would go to identify such savings.  More than half Hoboken’s budget is in public safety.
Talking Ed Note: There’s a lot of other filler all off kilter and part of the continuation of taking pot shots from every which angle at everyone who is anyone working in service to Hoboken under Mayor Zimmer.  The mailer reiterates her call to reduce Directors salaries yet again, something she said at the last Council meeting she’s had her eyes on “for a while.”
Of course she fails to say as she did in City Council they were already reduced to $103,000 under the mayor.  Now she wants to whack them down to as low as $70,000.  At the council meeting Councilwoman Carol Marsh remarked how strange it would be to reduce Directors salaries a second time in short order when they have dozens of people reporting to them.
Hey give the woman an A for chutzpah.  Beth Mason has it in spades.  Hoboken would settle for her just filing her required ELEC report on her campaign financial expenditures this year.  
Where is Beth Mason’s ELEC?  She’s apparently funding re: wheeling money all over town in a one man gang operation to take control of Hoboken and relaunch her political ambitions for Hoboken and beyond.  
Has anyone got a pulse on POG (People for Open Government)?  Last seen they were running wheeling interference on behalf of Beth Mason and threatening to come up with a wheeling ordinance that would suit the Queen of Transparency.  
Some day.
At the last city council meeting, Councilman Nino Giacchi raised some eyebrows endorsing unwritten and unknown POG anti-wheeling proposals as a way to oppose even introducing the existing legislation sponsored by Councilman Peter Cunningham.  The POG President was then invited to speak on wheeling against the council rules on first introduction.  This even though she has no ordinance to present.
How very odd.

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