Latest crime video produces radio silence on the Mason-Russo front

Yesterday’s latest video surveillance tape showing crime in progress produced the loudest sound of silence from the council ‘majority’ one will ever hear.  No cantankerous grandstanding, no multiple consultant approved email blast, no press conference called and held on the street, no chasing down local reporters to get quoted and no statement even acknowledging what occurred.

There hasn’t even been a generic bland comment describing the heist as an “anomaly” from Old Guard political operative and Jersey City interloper spokesman David Cruz who appears on the ELEC reports of the Mason-Russo team for $250 a week each.

Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Nino Giacchi have been utterly silent and did not provide even a response to a request for generic comment yesterday.  Forget about an interview, your taxpayer paid representatives aren’t concerned with such trivialities as the right of the governed, there’s power to be wielded and protected.

The Jen Giattino signs were back up in the windows of Kayla’s cleaners in time for Easter. Since yesterday’s story, there’s been nary a word from Beth Mason, Nino Giacchi, Tim Occhipinti and company after yesterday’s latest crime tape surfaced, but this one came from a local business not the FBI.

Beth Mason who has been known to attack an empty council colleagues chair at the drop of a hat to engender some press with wild charges, even when said colleague is away attending a family funeral can’t seem to muster one sentence from among her coterie of paid consultants.

Councilman Nino Giacchi has also offered nothing to a business residing in his own ward.  Perhaps he views it as just another instance of “political season,” and he prefers as he said on the resolution concerning council colleague Mike Russo’s corruption to “focus on the issues” of the sixth ward.  His laser like focus is so penetrating, if people are still awaiting comment on the criminality of his colleague Peter Cammarano, they may have missed it when they blinked.

Matt Calicchio (r) seen with Tim Occhipinti, now Team Mason-Russo spokesman David Cruz at last fall’s 4th ward debate at the Jubilee Center.  Appearing on the council ‘majority’s’ ELEC at $250 a week each, there’s been no word from him or anyone for that matter from the Mason-Russo campaign on yesterdays’ latest crime tape.

Talking Ed Note: Well Hoboken should note we can hear what this council majority is saying.  Let’s see how long they think that silence can last.  If the Reform candidates are sitting by to see for a short time how this develops that’s fine, but they shouldn’t wait too long.  Keep the powder dry.

So far only the Jersey Journal took a stab at the story, even if incomplete.  Let’s see who will be following up to hold the taxpayer paid elected officials to account.

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