Ruben Ramos prepares to make entry official for Hoboken fourth ward council

Tomorrow Ruben Ramos will make official his entry to return to Hoboken’s City Council when he launches his kickoff downtown for Hoboken’s fourth ward council seat.

He’ll join incumbent Timmy Occhipinti and Reform candidate Dana Wefer in their respective bids for the always entertaining fourth ward election this November.

A successful election effort would see Ramos’ return to the Hoboken legislative body. Previously, Ramos was an at-large Hoboken City Councilman elected in 2001 under the banner of former mayor Dave Roberts.

In a recent interview with PolitickerNJ, Ramos however did not highlight anything specific to his time as a Hoboken City Councilman. Hoboken finances became chaotic under Mayor Roberts and led to the City of Hoboken subjected to a state takeover with the late Judy Tripodi taking the financial reins.

Ramos later served as a one term NJ Assemblyman under State Senator Brian Stack but a fallout over his agreement to support statewide pension reform saw him replaced with his friend Carmelo Garcia.

Most recently, Ramos was the main challenger in a failed bid against Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s re-election in 2013.

Ruben Ramos (l) is expected to formally announce his bid to return to the Hoboken City Council tomorrow. Here he’s pictured with Third Ward Councilman Michael Russo who will join him on a coalition running this fall on the Carmelo Garcia Ticket.

Talking Ed Note: The recent PolitickerNJ story highlighted Q&A with Ramos did not mention his prior time in office as a Hoboken City Councilman. Perhaps, the new reporter didn’t know.

Ramos did highlight a proposed idea for restructuring downtown traffic and parking to ease congestion and his desire to see rebuilding in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

In 2013, Ramos was a supporter of the undocumented controversial Vision 20/20 redevelopment concept. A 100 page brochure touted as a redevelopment plan by pal Carmelo Garcia proposed more than doubling the amount of subsidized federal housing with far higher density on the downtown HHA campus.

Although that transformative idea failed, Ramos is rumored aligned with local private developers. Developer backing, inside and outside Hoboken may play a major role in Ramos’ campaign bid to return to Hoboken’s City Council.

Earlier this month, MSV reported word of a developer SuperPAC readying to finance the Carmelo Garcia Ticket. 

photo courtesy PolitickerNJ

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