Pre-election criminal & candidate chatter….

The August 31st petition filing deadline looms closer and the gristy chewables are tenderized and seared that go with it.

By 4:00 pm next Monday, you file petitions or you take a walk.

Some potential candidates should be happy to walk quietly into the night in lieu of a perp walk.

This is Hoboken, so unless the Feds snap out of their Hoboken coma, that won’t happen. The Mile Square City is after all the home where co-conspirators get a free pass when it comes to the theft of a hundred thousand emails out of the mayor’s office or carting off taxpayer goods out the back door of the Hoboken Housing Authority and underwriting a three year SLAPP-suit against the First Amendment rights of residents.

The free pass in Hoboken emboldens the criminal and there’s nothing like an election line-up under the shimmering lights here to highlight it. The Mile Square City is where you switch from criminal activities to political candidate and call it Darwinian career progression.

We’ll get to more of the Carmelo Ticket later. For now, let’s catch up on the chatter from the Mile Square streets and venture  a look how the six ward elections races are stacking up.

They’re back? The Carmelo Ticket is all set for election season and SLAPP-suit loving Beth Mason may be preparing oodles of street money again as six Hoboken City Council ward seats are up this November. A ready infusion of cash from inside and outside of the Mile Square, legal and illicit will ooze its way all over town taking on Reform oriented candidates seeking to overturn their slim 5-4 majority.  

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