Alleged suspect targeting Hoboken financial accounts arrested by Hoboken Police

Office of the Mayor announces:

On August 11, 2015, the Hoboken Police Department Detective Bureau was advised that there were questionable withdrawals being made out of a City of Hoboken municipal account. The Hoboken Finance Department immediately contacted the authorities when the irregularities were uncovered. Through an audit, it was determined that over $50,000 had been improperly removed from the account over a short period of time. The City of Hoboken has not lost any funds as a result of the fraud.
The investigation, conducted by Hoboken Police Detective Andrew Perez, uncovered that access was gained into the account by 30-year-old Jersey City resident Cameron Gaskins by circumventing security protocols. With the help of the Jersey City Police Department, Mr. Gaskins was tracked down and arrested without incident. He has been charged with a multitude of criminal complaints including Computer Criminal Activity, Theft of Identity, Theft by Deception, Forgery, and Credit Card theft. 
“Thanks to the prompt action of the bank, the proactive response by our finance and police departments, and the collaboration with the Hudson County Prosecutors Office and Jersey City Police Department, we were able to quickly track down and apprehend the perpetrator,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I commend Chief Ferrante, all members of the Hoboken Police Department, and in particular our detectives who have been doing tremendous work and closing more cases than ever before.”
Mr. Gaskins is currently being held at the Hudson County Correctional Facility in lieu of a hundred thousand dollar bail.
“Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the United States – any person, business, or government can be victimized on any given day,” said Police Chief Ken Ferrante. “These crimes are very difficult to solve, yet Detective Andrew Perez showed commitment to our city and our department in executing an outstanding investigation that put a three-time convicted felon behind bars within 8 days of the start of the investigation. I am proud of his work as a new detective.”
“I credit the quick actions of the account manager for alerting the authorities and the relentless work of Detective Perez for bringing this to a quick resolution,” added Police Captain Charles Campbell.
Moving forward, the Hudson County Prosecutor’s office will be working with the Hoboken Police Department to investigate this matter further. Bank authorities have been contacted and already addressed the security concerns. At this time there seems to be no other irregular activity, and security measures have been upgraded.

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