Richard and Beth Mason watch: $46,000 contributions to Mayor Healy campaign

Da Horsey awoke to a report of massive (illicit?) monies from Beth Mason’s family to the re-election campaign of Jersey City Mayor Healy.

The amount of money given is far and above any individual legal amount even wheeled via the Mason family ongoing political committee, “Friends of Beth Mason.”  The data in the report apparently from NJ ELEC suggests the following Mason family contributions:
Richard G. Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz – $23,000
Ricky Mason, underwriter to Mason family political expenditures and lawsuits.
Beth Mason of Mason Civic – $23,000
Beth Mason is making a big splash throwing money around.  This time in the Jersey City race.  
But is it legal?
The breaking story comes way of a Monday story on Grafix Avenger:

Talking Ed Note: MSV can’t verify the details of this story early in the am.  Just yesterday in subscriber content reference was made to Beth Mason political donations in the NJ counties of Passaic and Bergen, spanning 2012 Hoboken Municipal Prosecutor Tracy Zur to all points beyond.
What exactly is Beth Mason buying in this massive shopping spree?  
More importantly, is any of this legal and will the media question it?
Coming on the recent story of the FBI looking into Mason political donations, this is a blockbuster.

Update: The massive infusion into the Healy campaign is legal if toxic from the Mason family based on nine open council seats and the mayor’s position.  So the Mason’s are just below the legal limit each is giving to the Healy campaign of $2,600 per person.
So what do the Masons believe they get for 46 large?  Is Hudson County Executive available?

Evening Update: There’s quite a buzz on this story and strong traffic so the political junkies are chowing down on this one and it’s not all coming from Hoboken.  Finboy who directs Beth Mason which way to sneeze certainly has some questions his way on how this massive infusion to Mayor Healy occurred as connections to the Fulop campaign were burned to smoldering embers.

Beth Mason was seen going to her Mason Civic location at 5:30 for a meeting among political operatives and the big question is what was extracted from the Healy people for the tens of thousands given?  Grafix Avenger has an update saying when the bad news came down that Carmelo Garcia of the HHA was given the nod by Union City Mayor Brian Stack for the ‘Hoboken’ Assembly seat, an incensed Beth Mason demanded all her contributions be returned by the Healy campaign.

A secondary source also says Mason was angered at the snub but Brian Stack never sat down with her, let alone gave her serious consideration, although the Hudson Reporter told anyone (via Mason operatives) who would read it she was a top candidate for more than a year.

Some deal was struck as the monies weren’t returned from Team Healy- they were increased.

How did all this go over in the Fulop camp a mere week before the polls open?
The word is Team Fulop was taken aback with an apparent Mason double cross.

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