Hoboken’s Beth Mason tries to buy Jersey City mayoral race!

Mayor Healy the recipient of tens of thousands of dollars from Ricky and Beth Mason raises questions why

It’s not officially “fity” large yet, but the buzz is out with “Beth takes Jersey City” and it’s not going to be corked back into the bottle with a week left before the Jersey City mayoral election next week.

A counterpart to the Hoboken universe in Jersey City, Johnny Action Space Punk caught wind of the Grafix Avenger story yesterday along with the largesse of the Mason family’s almost $50,000 mega-donation to the Healy campaign and doesn’t sound too happy about it.

The Jersey City action hero says “Beth Mason must like Mayor Healy a WHOLE lot.

Meanwhile, Grafix Avenger who owns the story lock, stock and barrel continues to fire away with another early am update on what Beth Mason gets for taking Jersey City with bags of family loot.

Insiders from the Fulop camp are dishing on Beth Mason but first they had to work the shiv out of their back firmly nestled with this huge Healy check wrapped around it.  They say a toxic Beth Mason betrayed a years long relationship with the downtown Councilman who even gave aid and comfort to a less than capable fourth ward candidate.

According to the insider dish on Grafix Avenger, Mason has bought herself an exit visa out of Hoboken with HudCo.

Beth Mason needs a political job and the HCDO said pass the loot to Jersey City now and you’ll escape your Hoboken death spiral of a political career.

First however, Mayor Healy has to win re-election for the transaction to be completed.

Beth Mason presents Mayor Healy a check for lots of loot in a secret ceremony
at the Mason Civic League making one Jersey City action hero less than thrilled.

The latest dish:

Talking Ed Note: News of the Mason brinks job on behalf of the Jersey City mayor has been overshadowed by a “Hispanic problem,” yesterday where Mayor Healy spoke less than cogently about several Hispanic girls removing a towel and doing untoward things to him on a porch.  Yikes!

If this mayoral thing doesn’t work out, will Mayor Healy help Beth Mason payoff the campaign “debt” assisting with a write-in campaign for Assembly on June 4th should Carmelo Garcia be bounced off the ballot by the NJ Supreme Court?

Stay tuned for the next episode of Beth Mason buys/sues you all?

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