Beth Mason and the Hoboken “Affordable Housing” Scam

Similar to the Church Towers pilot fiasco, Beth Mason is front and center with the latest HHA scam
The rabid charge of racism directed toward Councilman Ravi Bhalla and the reform members of the City Council last week by the Hoboken Sopranos’ council leader Michael Russo over a 30 year pilot for a developer building for the Hoboken Housing Authority echoes the efforts several years back when Beth Mason first made an alliance with the Russo clan supporting the unjustified pilot “extension” for Church Towers, the Russo home and power base.
The tax giveaway by Beth Mason haunts her to this day among those who once believed she would be a decent if not reformer type representative but she put over $50,000 of street money out in 2011 toward her re-election with thousands going far outside the Second Ward to Church Towers residents including a very late pregnant wife of Michael Russo, his in-laws, among others.  The campaign which officially spent over $140,000 was likely closer to $200,000 with unknown dollars splashing to Applied Housing residents and their backers, a key but diminishing “affordable housing” voting bloc.

Special treatment along with special favors are all the rage in town, part of the glorified “Hoboken tradition.”  If you’re not getting over in some way, it’s like the neighborhood poker game.  If you don’t know who the sucker is, it’s you.

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Beth Mason once again is seeing her unpopularity grow with yet another shady pilot she backs being shoved down Hoboken’s
throat.  This time it’s a less than minimal transparent process to hand over an HHA building to developer RPM who
will run the show with Old Guard hands.  Giving away the store and snubbing the rest of Hoboken: no problem.

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