Sign of the Times: The Day After the Hoboken Fire on 3rd and Washington

The day after the fire shows the building at 300 Washington in bad condition.  One report suggests it will be a total loss but that’s unverified along with the cause.

Here’s some additional photos courtesy of Anthony Torres of AST Photos.
All rights reserved.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos takes photos of a vehicle, possibly his before it’s taken away.
Related: Grafix Avenger unveils the dark side of such tragedies with the typical haterade served in our community by the Beth Mason backed/funded Hoboken411.  Perry Klaussen presents a screed telling the community not to support a March 2nd fundraiser being planned on behalf of the fire victims declaring it’s a scam.
Grafix Avenger also notes the alternative Hoboken411 poses is in fact illegal.  OOPS!
Hoboken411 goes all out serving up another drink of its haterade in the Hoboken community.  He declares a fire fundraiser not finalized a scam – this after the same group of residents’ efforts raised over $5,000 for the victims of the Jackson St. fire.  He also scribes about political opportunists but doesn’t name any so MSV is not sure if he’s attacking Tim Occhipinti who briefly attended the Room 84 fundraiser or copyright thief Scott Dela
Last December Hoboken411 was notably absent and even failed to mention the fundraiser held at Room 84.    
MSV saw first hand reporters from Hoboken Patch and the Jersey Journal lending a hand.
MSV understands Perry Klaussen is very unhappy with the humanitarian efforts of local businessman Rory Chadwick who he’s been seen screaming at on the street for not supporting, well you guessed it, Hoboken411.  
Hoboken411 has a lot of problems and the latest glass of haterade won’t help the unhinged Klaussen.

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