Report: NJ Mayors suffer for not backing governor

The parallel investigations between the US Attorney’s Office and a state committee investigating missteps into the BridgeGate and SandyGate swarm rolls on. With it the latest report from today’s Star Ledger details how the governor’s staff was allegedly directed not to work with mayors across the state who weren’t politically supportive of the governor as he sought re-election last November.

The issue is illustrated here with the statement of an aide for Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno upon leaving a Shoprite parking lot after speaking privately with the mayor. The aide testified upon departure from Hoboken the Lt. Governor said “Mayor Zimmer was not playing ball.”

While the conversation isn’t directly linked to the mayor’s contention she was told a quid pro quo for Sandy aid required her support for the proposed billion dollar Rockefeller project in north Hoboken, the theme of “playing ball” is central in today’s Star Ledger report.

The Lt. Governor’s comments aren’t featured in today’s SL story but were highlighted in the governor’s office internal report.

Hoboken gets a nod in relation to Hurricane Sandy assistance and the mayor’s failure to endorse the governor:

Mayor Zimmer supported many of Governor Christie’s initiatives and spoke of the many positive things he did as governor but came short allegedly in the eyes of the governor’s staff for her refusal to endorse him leading into last November’s election.

With no small amount of irony, Governor Christie was the top vote getter in Hoboken last November, seeing 200 more votes than Mayor Zimmer herself.

As bits and pieces continue to emerge, the Mayor’s statements tied to her allegations appear more not less consistent. That should give many pause.

Mayor Zimmer addressing Hoboken residents during the Hurricane Sandy emergency has withstood another storm
in the political wake of SandyGate. Evidence emerging in the case appears to support her allegations Hoboken saw
inadequate aid after Hurricane Sandy for political reasons.

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