Gangsterism at the HHA as Chair Rob Davis orders MSV ejected for being yelled at by Patricia Waiters

A first hand account and analysis of the HHA meeting Thursday night
At the Hoboken Housing Authority Thursday evening, the official standard of a federal
meeting is it’s open to the public and all are welcome to attend including the taxpayers subsidizing the agency. Theoretically, that includes without fear of reprisal, harassment or worse.
In the land of the Carmelo Garcia Banana
Republic however, none of these laws apply. Submitted for your approval a federal meeting of the Hoboken Housing Authority held at Fox Hills in the confines of uptown Hoboken. Said federal meeting broke out into a political rally attacking those who are feared overseeing their desired contractor in the form of the Executive Director, Carmelo Garcia.
Before the meeting began, MSV and Patricia Waiters arrived
at the same time. No friendly chatter, not even a hello at the entrance outside. Minutes later, a joke followed at
the front of the room Da Horsey would be “hijacking the meeting 20 minutes” in
so if that was an objective doing so five minutes earlier might be the way to
That joke would prove prophetic.
HHA commissioner Dana Wefer during the billing review asked a host of questions on payments, contracts and HUD governing rules while absorbing a barrage of constant verbal attacks from select members of the
audience over the course of thirty minutes. On limited occasions, they were asked by Chairman Rob Davis to settle
down. No warning was given to any member of the audience yelling out re: Carmelitos. The disruptions continued throughout and Wefer maintained professional composure ignoring the personal attacks.
Later one outburst led to Chairman Davis in a rare instance replying to the
crowd, “Okay let’s have some respect” as commissioner Wefer was attempting
to obtain some clarification on HUD policy with Executive Director Carmelo
His admonition was followed immediately with quite literally a double
wink to the audience. MSV seeing this, said aloud “wink, wink” easily
within hearing range of the Chair. Was that an incentive to eject this reporter when
yelled at by Patricia Waiters later?
After the agenda was completed, the public portion was
scheduled to begin. The stenographer got up and stepped away from her seat for a short break but Patricia Waiters, who is on the payroll of
the Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia
had already taken his microphone.
Carmelo Garcia strikes a pose for MSV before the HHA meeting as his Assembly aide employee Patricia Waiters checks in
to “work.” Waiters disrupted the meeting early with regular outbursts and later took over while the stenographer stepped away momentarily so she could politick or as she said “address the crowd.”
Waiters declared she was going to “address the crowd” while the
stenographer was off the record, not transcripting the meeting away from
her seat. As she began to let fly her political brand of Waiterisms, MSV began filming the hijack but looked to the Chair and Mr. Garcia saying, “She’s politicking?
She’s suppose to be addressing the board.”
Garcia immediately saw this as problematic. Last April, the Appellate Court overruled Hudson County Superior Court Assignment Judge Peter Bariso making toothless the Hatch Act allowing Garcia to be paid as a federal contractor to the HHA while running for the partisan Assembly seat he now holds.  
Here was the failure of enforcing the Hatch Act live and in action. Garcia stood attempting to dissuade Waiters from continuing her “State of the HHA address” to the audience. She initially ignored him and then turning at her
leisure decided to face the commissioners after she she felt it adequate to denigrate commissioner Wefer to the audience with the
stenographer still “off the record.” 
Waiters then looked toward Wefer and continued her litany of personal attacks, all unrelated to the work of a commissioner on the federal agency. “She doesn’t live here… She’s from Bergen. She lost twice…”
Waiters bellowed from the mic as some Carmelitos in the audience chimed in. Ironically, commissioner Wefer along with fellow commissioners Dave Mello and James Sanford live adjacent to the HHA downtown while Waiters lives in an Applied Housing building uptown closer to the Hudson Tea Building than the HHA.
The stenographer was still not in her seat. Commissioner Wefer sat passively absorbing
the tirade. “You lost too Pat,” MSV said 10 feet from her left with
the smartphone filming, distracting her from her verbal attack. Waiters turned
and began to let fly in the opposite direction toward Da Horsey. “That’s okay Roman, you can write I’m an animal tomorrow.”
“I’ve never written that about you ever Pat,” came the
immediate reply. As a matter of fact, in over four years, very little has been
written about Waiters, although she’s often been a candidate in elections and spoken many an absurdity before the City Council. (Her perennial candidacy recently ended with her latest petitions to run for Freeholder being pulled; one source says at the behest of her boss, Carmelo Garcia. Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano is running for re-election and Garcia is also on that public payroll, $5,000 annually as a Freeholder aide.)
Repetition of ugly comments followed with Waiters defending same at a recent City
Council meeting several weeks ago where she ended her remarks in public portion complaining
about the recent appointments to the HHA with something approximating ‘People should should do the right thing but
people (council members) are doing the white thing.’  (That close followed with Councilwoman Terry Castellano’s exclamation: “Good for you Pat.”)
The ranting continued as Waiters recounted a private
conversation between us following that public portion “performance” and how race baiting was
not acceptable before any Hoboken government body.
Video still of Rob Davis, Chairman of the Hoboken Housing Authority after ordering MSV’s ejection. Seconds earlier, the woman on the left approached before public portion saying during an impromptu exchange while Patricia Waiters hijacked the meeting, “You need to shut up.”
A woman (photo above) came over filming on her
camera phone saying “You need to shut up.”
The stenographer seeing the scene unfolding moved to take her
seat reluctantly to begin recording as Waiters continued ranting her right
to claim racial victimization. (One can surmise for the Hoboken City Council declining to appoint her, an employee of Carmelo Garcia to be a HHA commissioner.)
Chairman Rob Davis watching the situation unfold, then addressed Da
Horsey complaining/saying what sounded like a request to go to the back of the
room ending with “you’re instigating.” His complaint to MSV came during the actual political hijacking of a federal
as the stenographer had stepped away. 
Did Chairman Davis miss Patricia Waiters, an employee of Carmelo Garcia who is paid with taxpayer money politicking to an audience directly in front of him at a federal meeting?
“OK, sure” was the response followed with the urging, “Mr.
Chairman control your meeting.” With that, Chairman Davis rose
from his seat walked to his right from the dais, several feet away and without warning announced the immediate ejection – of MSV. He then called the two police officers over who suffered a
low key boring affair to that point.
What is coming next may jeopardize the safety of HHA commissioners. Consider this story fair warning.
A video still of Carmelo Garcia Assembly aide Patricia Waiters
as she hijacks the HHA meeting on a brief break before public portion
delivering a political speech attacking commissioner Dana Wefer.
Talking Ed Note: We’ll have to await the transcript of the meeting to
see more of Patricia Waiters’ political attack in action. We’ll spare the public the
ludicrous video of the ridiculous ordered ejection.
Patricia Waiters is reportedly earning $10,000 annually as an
aide to Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia.

Repeated calls to speak to Chairman Rob Davis after the meeting failed. The first call he said he couldn’t hear and hung up. Several calls followed unanswered and a voicemail was not returned.

Is this transparent or gangster?

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