City Council @ 7:00 but network problems may blink out live broadcast

There’s been networking problems at City Hall and live broadcasts of the City Council meetings have been down in recent weeks. Unclear if that’s fixed for tonight.

The last meeting led to the first interview with Councilwoman Beth Mason on her and her husband’s hundreds of campaign violations, (Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz)
Speaking for the first time on their state violations where up to seven figure fines are on the table by NJ’s watchdog agency, Beth Mason made her first public comment on the controversy. 
Her comments however were not congruent with the complaint against her 2011 and 2009 campaigns. She claimed the “numbers are false,” and NJ Elec, the oversight agency ‘doesn’t write their own stuff.’
It’s unclear where the review process Mason called “hyped up” stands or if the rumors floating around on Grafix Avenger are true – that the Mason family is unhappy with pending fines for their lawbreaking.
Back later with more. This City Council meeting may be live but it won’t be available on Maxell.


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