Ravi-Russo Alliance vs. the HudCo Machine for Freeholder seat

The revived Ravi-Russo Alliance, inert for all of a minute before Councilman Michael Russo set his eyes on bumping off Anthony “Stick” Romano, the current Freeholder for Hoboken and Jersey City Heights.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla is flushed out in the open with a non-denial denial even as State Senator Brian Stack is locked on board to bump off Stick.

Cue the writers at An addendum may be in order shortly. Maybe they’ll write the crib notes in the Hoboken mayor’s office. “It’s a marriage of Hoboken’s future,” they might deign.

Hey, a deal is a deal. And who loves doing deals more than Ravi Bhalla and Michael Russo?

Russo who has been sending out emails to a citywide list of Hoboken residents no longer is aiming for a long shot mayoral bid in 2021. He’s got his eyes on the Freeholder seat and a one-way ticket out of town.

As first reported exclusively here a week ago; the wheels are turning and Mikie Squared is thinking why make it an election; let’s make it my coronation.

The only problem, Stick Romano isn’t looking to step aside and neither is the HudCo Machine.

Ravi Bhalla isn’t looking for another side gig but he’s in on a side deal with Michael Russo.
They’re aiming to take the freeholder seat from incumbent Anthony Stick Romano.

On the Hudson County View, an end of year fundraiser was highlighted showing strong HudCo support for Romano late last year. A story following up the report here last Friday highlights Romano inviting Michael Russo to support him again.

Russo who sent out another email to a list of Hoboken residents inquiring on their thoughts about the business district incentive plan passed in the council last year, is ratcheting up his conditions for running for freeholder. Apparently, he sees defeat with the support of Brian Stack and Ravi Bhalla versus the HudCo machine.

This as Ravi Bhalla lamely attempts to pretend he’s not already enjoined with Brian Stack backing Russo’s bid. An earlier effort by Bhalla to see Romano resign and replaced with one of his mayoral office patronage hires backfired as Romano balked.

Russo however wants HudCo to drop its support for Romano and make a Freeholder run a cakewalk.

In the 2017 race for Freeholder, Romano ran against perennial candidate Patricia Waiters trouncing her in a lopsided election.

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