Sign of the Times: Fake Spartacus takes a spill

Cory Booker, a US Senator, (D-NJ) ended his 2020 campaign efforts to become US president announcing the end to his quest yesterday.

Cory Booker opts for his scary Spartacus face at a DC hearing but it didn’t quite catch on with Democrat voters.

Booker’s departure comes after an earlier presidential endorsement from Mayor Ravi Bhalla and other NJ politicos failed to ignite wider support among Democrats. His exit before the primaries are set to begin in Iowa next month ends a host of political aspirations in the Soprano State.

A former mayor of Newark, some of his administrative staff later came to Hoboken and put in stints at City Hall under former mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Booker returns to the US Senate where he will be a participant voting in the upcoming impeachment trial which originated with a whistleblower complaint allegedly by CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella, using second hand “evidence” accepted under intel IG Michael Atkinson.

That odd hearsay alteration saw secret House testimony by that investigator general who came out of the problematic FBI National Security Division (NSD) which perpetuated the Russia Collusion Hoax using a string of falsified FISA applications with the purchased Steele Dossier for secret warrants applied in spying into the Trump campaign and presidency. (Atkinson’s testimony remains secret and withheld in the House away from public view and is a major point of controversy and under investigation.)

Although as a sitting Senator Booker will hear and vote on the impeachment trial, among the current crop of Senate candidates running for president, he will no longer be one. He’s been critical in recent days of the next Democrat Party debate scheduled for tonight where all the contenders on the stage are white. 

Described as irate days earlier, Booker said of the Democrat Party debate criteria of which he would not play a part tonight, “These thresholds have effectively kept people of color from the national stage.”

Another non-white candidate in the US Senate, Kamala Harris who is of Jamaican and Indian descent, also failed to gain support among Democrats and ended her presidential campaign earlier.

President Trump weighed in on the potential 2020 matchup with Booker that won’t happen:

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