Einstein For Hudson Republican Chairman Launches Fundraising Campaign

Official release:

NJ GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein launched his official campaign fundraising page today (
Sotomayor Einstein kicked off his campaign for Hudson County Republican Chairman to a packed room at Mulligan’s Pub in December. At the campaign launch was local media, the Pulse with Peter B., and a host of supporters, friends, and well-wishers. Sotomayor Einstein’s campaign is a grassroots effort to transform the local county GOP from a paper fiction into a real and active county level Republican Party.
Sotomayor Einstein stated that “each Hudson County Republican has a lot to offer our fellow residents, taxpayers, and voters; we need a GOP that is loud and proud, that exposes Democratic Party corruption rather than aids it, and that shows the people of our county a better way.” He continued, “with great partners such as the Hispanic Republicans of North Jersey, the Hudson County Young Republicans, Young Americans for Liberty, the Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee, and others, I have organized rallies, public debates, op-eds, speeches, activist trainings, street fair tabling, speakers, dinners and other events. Together we can build a Hudson County Republican Party that does the same, supports Republican values, and much, much more.”

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