Ravi Bhalla identified in new PAC campaign violations


Ravi Bhalla PAC Rush sees excessive campaign contributions.

The money machine in the Hoboken’s mayor’s office is spinning and spinning. That’s the impression the public will get from Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s latest campaign filing earlier this month for the end of 2018.

Political Action Committees and PAC monies exceeding Hoboken’s 2011 limits highlight Bhalla’s latest in a string of questionable money related issues. Among them, several of these special interest groups contributed to Ravi Bhalla beyond legal limits last month.

The Hoboken ordinance states PACs and political committees are limited to a maximum contribution of $500 to individual campaigns. Any excessive amount under the ordinance is non-curable.

According to the Ravi Bhalla ELEC report, there are three separate PAC violations.

Here we go again.

On the back of allegations for wheeling/pay-to-play
HudCo contracts to his Republican law firm “second job,” Ravi Bhalla is seen rolling in
illicit PAC monies. In 2011, he passed the Hoboken ordinance he’s now seen violating.

A gold rush occurred on the last day of the year in 2018. There’s the New Jersey Teacher’s union, the NJEA. On December 31st, that union PAC cut a check to Ravi Bhalla for $750.

On the same date, the political committee NY Hotel Trades Council gave Ravi Bhalla $1,000 and yet another PAC, Local 6 Committee on Political Education (NY) kicked in another $1,000.

According to Hoboken’s ordinance, contributions exceeding the legal limit of $500 for any PAC/political committees must be returned in 30 days. The Hoboken ordinance states in its penalties clause, that the “violation of this chapter shall be liable to a penalty equal to four times the amount of the contribution made.”

The violations of the three related entities here total $1250. The penalties for the violations are $5,000. Under the Hoboken ordinance, Bhalla must return the excessive contributions in 30 days.

The last person cited for violating the Hoboken ordinance was former Councilwoman Beth Mason in the 2012 BoE race. She backed the infamous Move Forward Nazi Truck.

Bhalla is also oddly popular with Inserra Supermarkets of Mahwah, NJ for $2,000, a West New York firefighter for $2,000, his former law firm for $2,000 and the listed owner of the Malibu Diner for $500.

For all these and other oddities, the latest Ravi Bhalla campaign report filing is here.

Talking Ed Note: We’re not even drilling into the thousands of campaign dollars spent on “staff” partying in Atlantic City. Would those be Hoboken municipal “staff” employees?

The mayor’s office offered no comment early am for this story.

Nancy Pincus, the paid political operative to Ravi Bhalla
caught endlessly in lie after lie after lie.

As previewed, on January 13th, former BoE trustee Peter Biancamano was one of many afternoon and evening interviews conducted for MSV Premium this month. Among the items discussed: the 2015 election and the upcoming 2018 November council elections. The interviews were efforts toward MSV premium released the next day. In a separate unrelated article, Councilman Michael Russo, an ally of Ravi Bhalla was highlighted in “rumored consideration” seeking to place Biancamano on Ravi Bhalla’s council ticket. No one from the eternal Bhalla campaign has commented and Biancamano is giving mixed signals about running with an active FBI investigation looking into the Hoboken 2015 election.

Yesterday, Peter Biancamano confirmed by text the MSV interview had in fact taken place as recorded in reporter notes on the 13th. Nancy Pincus with no fact-checking of the parties claimed there had been “no contact,” although he admitted to her IN WRITING a phone interview took place. Her blatant pathological lying for Ravi Bhalla is endless. She’s wildly lashing out with his recent unseemly exposure and projecting because she was busted as a paid political operative to Ravi Bhalla by the Hoboken Resistance. It’s sent her and her little coterie of Ravibot campaign operatives talking to each other (and themselves) foaming and gnashing their teeth as Ravi Bhalla hides from the financial revelations.

Hey cave-dwellers, how ’bout some pizza? Is this the PizzaGate you were looking for? MSV has it!

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