Suez Water contract update in the works

The dreadful Suez Water contract is finally seeing some progress from the decades-long terrible contract terms. Perhaps its end is in sight with a decent contract. We’ll have to await the full details.

Related: The Jersey Journal covered last night’s speechifying event. Someone working hard on infrastructure re: Suez was ignored. That’s what your hard work gets you when others play politics.

Update: Coming up, EXCLUSIVE news on the latest daring Bhalla money deeds. Yes, there’s more. We’ll also highlight some of the usual scurrilous and insistent lyings by Nancy Pincus. She falsely claims (in another lie) there was no interview by MSV and Peter Biancamano. It’s only the latest among her continuous fabrications, her staple.

This is what happens to everyone who dares to tell the truth and not support Ravi Bhalla. That’s how Nancy Pincus rolls.

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