Hudson Reporter drills into payroll discrepancies and political operations directed against City Council

Better late than never. The Hudson Reporter did a twofer on the recent payroll discrepancies out of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s office and highlighted the political attacks against council members.

Those attacks as it turned out, came from first-ever appearances before the council last year by acknowledged friends of Bhalla’s Chief of Staff John Allen.

The reactions and the political operations run out of the mayor’s office are more than a little troubling.

Easy kid, you got off light. You didn’t know
what you were getting into but John Allen certainly
did and used another friend like cannon fodder.

Both of John Allen’s political operations were investigated and almost instantly uncovered here. These are the same friends allegedly signing off on legal briefs submitted in ethics complaints originating out of the mayor’s office. Ravi Bhalla knows well how burdensome that can be as he had one tossed at him courtesy of former Councilwoman Beth Mason in 2010.  (Oh but that unquenchable love of face punching.)

The two Hoboken political novices were coordinated and directed by John Allen who, while caught in flagrante delicto in these political operations received the biggest raise, over 7%, in all of City Hall. The council is less than amused with Bhalla’s political face punchers and their repeated operations against its members at council meetings. The term face punchers was coined and assigned to the political operatives in the Hoboken mayor’s office by the Hudson County View.

Last summer, one friend was seen having dinner with Ravi Bhalla and John Allen and the other dropped his payload at the City Council meeting before delivering himself immediately after to the front door of John Allen. Busted!

Ravi Bhalla’s Chief Face Puncher in the mayor’ office, John Allen.
His political operations against council members were exposed fast
but he got a big raise anyway and now makes almost as much as the mayor.

Councilman Mike DeFusco defiantly struck back in a public release. Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, a high priority target to see silenced by Ravi Bhalla and his face punchers for her troublesome policy wonk skills asking questions also punctured the political operation against her where race-baiting was seen from the public microphone.

We’re talking Ravi Terror Flyer level ugly here.

Councilwoman Fisher, who has yet to announce her intentions to run for re-election this November unloaded on Ravi Bhalla’s face punchers. From the Hudson Reporter story:

“Repeatedly since June, certain members of the Hoboken City Council who did not support Mayor Bhalla in last year’s election have been subjected to personal attacks… and “each have been identified as having ties to John Allen, Chief of Staff to Mayor Ravi Bhalla.”

The howling commenced almost immediately with the usual proclamations of victimization and banshee level lying screeds at Sybil’s Cave, where the mayor’s political attacks are closely coordinated. Vijay Chaudhuri, the former (or is it current) campaign manager for Ravi Bhalla walked back previous admissions against interest where John Allen acknowledged his friends. Now they’re called people John Allen “knows… just like he knows many other residents involved in Hoboken civic life.”

In the famous words of former Business Administrator Arch Liston, “Oh, I believe that.”

The bottomless pit of fabricating at Sybil’s Cave fails to acknowledge the slightest truth of course. What you get is an endless whine of victimhood for the political operation being exposed, Hoboken411 style. That and the crazy hostess delivering a torrent of her vile and vicious “anonymous” comments when not censoring the truth like this:

Talking Ed Note: Look who’s calling someone else crazy. How sick do you have to be to write that under the thinly veiled “cloak” of “anonymous” in service to Ravi Bhalla? Grafix Avenger is the home of crazy.

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