Ramos campaign: Welcome aboard mayor; let’s play!

Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

Ruben Ramos Campaign Statement on  Zimmer Campaign Kick-Off
We would like to welcome Dawn Zimmer to the race for Mayor. While she finally realized her re-election is 83 days away, Ruben has been hitting the streets and apartments of Hoboken since March. He has been meeting with and talking to voters, walking every inch of town possible and getting to the heart of the real issues affecting Hoboken.

Ruben is finding a town where the residents are completely dissatisfied with the direction Dawn Zimmer is taking this city in.

By every measure, Zimmer has failed Hoboken on flooding. Zimmer has failed to keep local businesses in town. She even failed on providing residents with the transparency she once sought as a candidate. As we are going along on this campaign we are starting to uncover that she is also failing the integrity test.

Hoboken’s streets are riddled with potholes so deep and sharp that people’s tires and cars are being ripped apart. When you do navigate the poorly kept streets, you still can’t find a single place to park.

Public safety and the police force have been neglected under the Zimmer Administration and we have a skeleton crew working the streets on nights and weekends.

Hopefully Zimmer finds the time to get out of the traffic jam she created at City Hall and hear first hand how her inability to build consensus and provide any real leadership for Hoboken is affecting residents.

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