Opening remarks from Mayor Dawn Zimmer at Little Town

Focusing on accomplishments in the last four years, Mayor Zimmer noted the extensive renovations of the parks, purchasing new land for parks, fiscal stability and the hospital being saved along with the efforts post Hurricane Sandly.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer thanked attendees, old and new supporters calling the excitement invigorating.
She first thanked Freeholder Anthony Romano, BoE Members Leon Gold, Ruth McAllister, Irene Sobelov, Jean Marie Mitchell, Council President Peter Cunningham, former council member Carol Marsh and union leader Patty Kelleher.

Talking Ed Note: Strong turnout for a vacation time election event with very strong enthusiasm and lots of new faces and some surprising faces not expected.

With the big news of the City winning the case to purchase the parking lot in the Fourth Ward to leverage a new Southwest Park, thanks needs to be given to Freeholder Anthony Romano who aided Hoboken in helping to bring that long term dream to reality.

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